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The possibilities for using the TREK Ferry are truly endless! Are you looking for a unique vessel for special events, film, or photography projects? Perhaps you're planning a floating concert or event for your city waterfront. Maybe you need to host a marketing event, an outdoor movie or even a giant floating billboard! Whatever your ideas are, we're here to make it happen! Share your ideas with our team, and we'll work with you to turn your vision into a reality. The sky's the limit with the TREK Ferry!


  • Full-day and multi-day rates are available

  • Serving Lake Washington, Lake Union & Puget Sound

  • 50ft Motoryacht also available


Additional fees apply if picked up at Mohai Dock OR Hyatt Regency, Lake Washington
DJ - prices vary upon artist but start at $500
Extra setup/cleanup fee is $500/hr
Other amenities/extras can be discussed with our team

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