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  • Is the Trek ADA Accessible?
    The Trek Ferry was built in 1972 and unfortunately was not built to current 2024 ADA standards, we are grandfathered into the old Coast Guard requirements. We do not have an elevator to the 2nd and 3rd deck or an ADA bathroom, however we can make special arrangements for an ADA bathroom to be brought on board for an additional fee.
  • Do you allow dogs or animals on board the Trek?
    No, as a private venue, we do not allow any animals on board at any time. Our vessel is covered with turf and ALL dogs think it’s a bathroom, this is extremely unsanitary for our guests and we don’t want to charge you $2500 to replace a section of the turf. Our Trek Team and Yoga Partners appreciate your understanding.
  • What AV equipment is available on board the Trek Ferry?
    We offer multiple TVs, party lights and a professional audio system with subwoofers.
  • Can I provide you a Spotify Playlist to play on your system?
    Yes, however guests will not have access to the playlist during the event for special requests. If you would like the ability to change songs or “be your own DJ” you must provide a dedicated device with the playlist preloaded.
  • Does the Trek have Wifi?
    Unfortunately we do not provide wifi for the event. We encourage guests to put their phones away and enjoy the experience.
  • Can we bring additional sound equipment on the Trek Ferry?
    Our sound system is professional installed and tuned for any party experience. If your party requires additional equipment for a live performance, our partners at Own the Night Productions can assist with any audio needs.
  • What can I show on the TV’s?
    We allow guests to hook up their own computer to our system for slideshows, graphics, logos, etc. We do not provide Live TV or sports during the normal cruise.
  • How much power can I use for my party?
    We include (1) 20-amp circuit for party use with the ability to add one more for an additional fee.
  • Can I book the TREK for Seafair?
    We're thrilled to be partnering with Seafair for their 75th celebration this year, and we're completely booked for the event.
  • Can we bring balloons on the boat?
    Balloons are not recommended on the boat due to potential popping or flying away. However, there is one approved location for a balloon photo backdrop on board the Trek.
  • Can we display banners on the boat?
    Corporate or company banners are not allowed on the exterior but can be displayed inside for guests to see.
  • What catering options are available?
    Please see our resource tab for a list of our preferred caterers.
  • Can we bring our own food?
    We allow guests to bring their own food with an additional charge.
  • Are guests under the age of 21 allowed on the Trek Ferry?
    If Alcohol is being served by the Trek, guests under 21 are not permitted on board.
  • If we are hosting a family gathering or Wedding festivities, can we have children on board?
    This is a case-by-case scenario and has special restrictions, permits and additional fees, please consult with our Trek Team Member during your phone consultation.
  • What crew members are included with every cruise?
    Every cruise includes a Captain, Engineer, Host (Deck Hand), and Bartender. Additional crew members, including security, servers, barbacks, extra bartenders, additional deck hands, and a lifeguard, can be arranged with additional charges.
  • What do you require to hold the boat?
    We require a signed contract and a 50% deposit
  • What forms of Payment do you accept?
    Checks or cash are the preferred method of payment. We do charge an additional fee for debit/credit cards.
  • What entertainment options are available?
    Entertainment options include plug-in/Bluetooth (wireless option)
  • Can we bring on our own DJ?
    Yes, we do require some additional information ahead of time and they must.
  • Can we bring on a live performer or band?
    Live performances must be coordinated with our AV partners, Own the Night Production, who offer turn key options to enhance your event experience.
  • How is garbage and recycling handled?
    Trek will dispose of all party garbage and recycling on the boat. Guests are responsible for excess garbage and recycling.
  • How big is the Ferry?
    102' long x 42' wide offering over 3,000sqft of open usable space, weighing in at about 85 tons.
  • How many passengers can the Trek hold?
    The Trek can hold 100 passengers including entertainment and caterers.
  • Can I jump or swim off the Trek?
    We do not allow guests on normal cruises to swim during the events. Please contact us for a special custom swimming experience which can only be provided on Lake Washington by the Trek Ferry.
  • Is there a secure place for me to store my bag, camera, or other personal items?
    Please leave all valuables at home, we do not provide any secured space for guests personal belongings. The Trek is not responsible for any lost or stolen items while on board the ferry boat.
  • Do you have a lost and found?
    Our team cleans the boat after each event, and all found items are turned in to management immediately. We report any items found to the host within 24 hours.
  • Does the Trek Ferry provide life vests for all guests?
    Trek Ferry has enough life vests for each adult on board and are located in a clearly marked spot on board the vessel.
  • Does Trek Ferry provide life vests for people under the age of 18?
    No, unfortunately Trek Ferry cannot provide children’s life vests due to the differences in sizes. If your event has guests under the age of 18, please discuss the details and requirements with our team member during your scheduled phone consultation.
  • If one of my guests show up with a child and no life vest, what are the options?
    You may purchase children’s life vests at one of the following stores, located nearby: Fisheries Supply: Less than quarter of a mile away from the Trek West Marine: 3 miles away from the Trek
  • What is the loading process like prior to a guest’s arrival?
    Loading areas are available for parking during your scheduled setup period for up to 30 minutes.
  • What is the guest loading process?
    Guests should arrive 30-minute prior to your scheduled departure. Guest check-in is at the Blue Awning.
  • How is guest unloading and cleanup managed?
    A 30-minute window is provided for guest unloading, with carts and dollies available for cleanup and offloading any event decorations.
  • Where are you located?
    West Canal Yards, 1100 W Ewing St Seattle, WA 98119
  • What are the parking arrangements?
    We highly recommend all other guests use public transportation options such as Uber and Lyft, especially if your event involves alcohol. There is parking available, but it is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information about parking, please contact Trek Ferry Management.
  • Can the Trek pick up guests from another location?
    We have a couple options for pick up and drop off around Lake Washington and Southlake Union, however these require special approval (by the city) and additional charges apply.
  • Can we have a photographer or videographer on board to capture our experience?
    Yes absolutely! We ask that this person please come early during the scheduled setup time so our host can show them around the boat and inform them of any restrictions.
  • Can we post and tag Trek Ferry on social media?
    Yes Please! We kindly ask that you keep it appropriate as we are a small business trying to grow.
  • Can we use a drone? Can we take off from the Trek?
    Due to people losing drones in the past, we do Not allow these on board the boat.
  • We have a professional, licensed drone pilot, do you make exceptions to the Drone rule?
    Yes, but we require extra steps, forms, and special permission from the ownership group ahead of time, so please consult with our team member during your scheduled phone consultation. This cannot be added the day of your event.
  • What is the typical route during a cruise?
    The Trek normally cruises out to Lake Washington, via the Mountlake Cut for views of Husky stadium and Mt. Rainier, then returns to South Lake Union with views of the city and Space Needle for the duration of the cruise. Our Team is constantly monitoring the Weather and want to provide the best experience for your event so this could change.
  • Can we customize the cruise route?
    Yes, however we do have certain restrictions we need to abide. This can be discussed during your scheduled phone consultation.
  • Can our guests smoke while on the Trek Ferry?
    Trek Ferry is a non-smoking venue. Absolutely No open flames allowed on board the vessel. We will charge the host a $500 fine for each offense.
  • Can our guests vape on board the Trek Ferry?
    As a private event venue, we do allow vaping while outside as long as the event host allows it. Reminder, no open flames; cigarettes, cigars, joints, blunts, etc. are strictly band from the boat and will incur a $500 fine for each offense.
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