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Exciting news for 2023! The TREK Ferry, in collaboration with Hyatt Regency, Lake Washington is now offering ticketed cruises and dock-side events open to the public. In addition to its private charter options, this new addition will provide even more opportunities for people to experience the magic of the TREK Ferry. This includes cruises to Andrew's Bay for a unique floating day club experience and dock-side events at the Hyatt Regency on Lake Washington. Stay tuned for announcements on our Summer public cruising schedule! 


  • Prices will vary from $40-75 per cruise

  • 2-4 hour cruises

  • Food and Drink available for purchase on the boat

  • Cruises embark and disembark from the Hyatt Regency, Lake Washington

  • Cruising schedule will begin in June and be announced on April 1st


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