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Holiday Light Cruise



Book a Light Cruise for this Holiday Season!

Join us this holiday season for our Holiday Light Cruises, benefitting Seafair!  These light cruises will take you along the shores of Lake Union and Lake Washington.  A live DJ will be aboard for the party playing your favorite hits. Snacks and hot beverages will be available for purchase. Want to stay warm and cozy? Reserve  our VIP heated Igloos for your private party (6 people limit each)

Groups, Private Events and Corporate Parties are still available, please contact us for more information.

Your support of Seafair makes it possible for:

  • All to come together to celebrate on the 4th of July with the thunder of the fireworks over Lake Union

  • A local high school band to perform on the biggest stage of the year through the streets of downtown Seattle at the Torchlight Parade

  • A family to be introduced to and experience the food and cultural traditions at the Pista sa Nayon Filipino Festival

  • A seven-year old’s curiosity to be ignited by the roar of the Blue Angels to serve their country and become a pilot


Thank You to our Community Partners for making this holiday experience possible!


Holiday Cruise FAQ

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